Rewrite Rules: What and Why

Rewrite Rules: What and Why

To kick off the first Boston WP meetup of 2018, I tried to have some fun talking about rewrite rules – which isn’t an overly exciting subject – with trying to see how many “The Princess Bride” references I could make. While I was entertained, I think I might have lost the audience. A piece of feedback after the talk was it would have been more relatable to hear about why I was talking about rewrites. This is something I will most certainly keep in the back of my mind for the next talk.

I also went way out of my comfort zone and opened the talk with a modified version of the Impressive Clergyman’s “Mawwage” speech. Since this talk wasn’t recorded (thank goodness), I’ll immortalize the poem here:

Wewites. Wewites are what brings us togeva, today.
Wewites those incredible wules
That code within the code

Synopsis: Rewrite rules is a useful feature of WordPress. Without it, there wouldn’t be easy to read urls for websites. In this talk, Jim will show what rewrite rules are, how to configure, and tools to manage and test rules.


Photo by Joshua Miranda from Pexels